Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hans in Luck and Wonderfully Wise Fools

I really enjoyed the Hans in Luck discussion in this thread at the course site; someone made a comparison between Hans and Mr. Bean, which delighted me enormously (I love the film Mr. Bean's Holiday!). That wide-ranging discussion about wise fools (and related matters) made me remember two posts I had written for Randy Hoyt's Journey to the Sea online mythology journal, so I thought I would link to them here.

I remember that I really REALLY enjoyed writing the piece about Aesop, Diogenes and Rumi. So many people know about Diogenes and his lamp but the meaning of that story has really changed over time... not to mention that we don't really understand the term "burning daylight" in our electrical modern world! :-)

(Diogenes, by Tischbein)


  1. Hans and Mr Bean? I would never have thought of that, how cool! :)
    - andrea

    1. Isn't that great? That's why I really value the discussion boards (and wish they were not so darn clunky) ... when reading any kind of literature, people have all kinds of idiosyncratic, personal reactions, connections that they make which maybe no one else would, and sometimes those connections can really resonate with others, too! (Since I love Mr. Bean, that comparison was the one that really clicked with me!)



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