Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brothers Grimm illustrated by Ubbelohde

Well, frustrating as the Coursera discussion boards may be, my time spent there this morning was amply rewarded: I am SO GRATEFUL to Ulrich (check out his blog: Krautblog) for pointing out an edition that is beautifully illustrated with line drawings by Otto Ubbelohde (1867–1922), which is available as a Kindle book for just $3.99: Grimms' Fairy Tales (illustrated by Otto Ubbelohde) [Kindle Edition]. Over 400 drawings! Wow! Reading Kindle books on my iPad is a favorite way for me to relax... I am so going to enjoy revisiting the tales with these delightful illustrations.

Here is an illustration for Hans the Hedgehog, one of my all-time favorite Grimm stories but not on in the Crane book we are using for class:

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