Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Essay Portfolio: Our MIrror Selves

I've mentioned before that I think it would be so much better for people to have a writing portfolio, rather than just a disjointed series of essays. Even if the essays are not on related topics, putting them into a portfolio is a still a good idea - plus, it would encourage people to REVISE their essays after getting the feedback (what's the point of feedback really, unless you are committed to doing some revision...?).

So, thanks to the power of Google Sites, I have created a portfolio website for my essays in this class. My students use Google Sites to create their project portfolios in my class, so it felt good to go through the same process they do in building my little website today. If you would like information on getting started with Google Sites, a free web publishing service offered by Google, here are the instructions I share with my students: Google Sites Tips.

Meanwhile, here is a link to my new website: Coursera Portfolio: Our Mirror Selves.


  1. Now this is creative.
    I prefer to have my portfolio offline because I'm not connected to the internet most of the time, but this is a really good choice since you can view your portfolio anywhere with internet connection.

    By the way, I've read some of your students' storybooks. They inspired me fir my own writings. I want to apply for next term, if it's open to public. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Nice! Great idea. I will check out the tips.

    I just read your "Frankenstein" essay, the same thing stuck in my mind..."autodidacts" pop up a couple times in the book, blaming their "self made" education for quiet a few things. Made me wonder a lot, what Mary wanted to say by it. It felt weird and wrong (you guessed it: I'm an autodidact).
    I know Mary was "educated" by her father, but since she was a girl and her learning so much ahead of the times, I thought she would be in favor of learning and figuring things out by herself.

    In the end I wrote about something else: The parallels between Victor and Robert and their main difference: their "sisters". It also kind of shocked me that Margaret Walton Saville (Mary's initials) is the hidden force, that makes the monster able to retreat into the darkness, but she is such a "muted", married woman. What a tragedy that she never met her mother. I wonder what she would have written then.
    However, I love all the books we read so far. It's a lot of fun!

  3. A quick question:
    Do you know a good listing to find all the MOOC courses online?
    I remember you said you are looking forward to try others, and I can't find a good resource to find them all. I'm interested in humanities and the programming MOOCs seem to be so much easier to find.



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